Everything is Funny in a Southern Accent.

Hey you. Ya you in the hat. The orange hunter hat and the TAP OUT T shirt. Everything IS funny in a southern accent. Seriously try it. Need to dump your girlfriend? – try practicing it with a Tennessee accent. Need to tell your kids that they are ruining  your life? – try it with a New Orleans twang. Need to fess up to your boss that you’ve been taking naps in his office while he’s been on vacation? – try telling him as if you were Yosemite Sam.

Now that I have your attention – wanted to let you know I will be posting some pictures (no not that kind you weiner) and some vids from performing at Comedy Loser as well as some standup nights.  Check it this weekend for them – and see that I’m not a liar.

Check the Live Dates section of my site – I updated it today. I will be headling the Comedy Blow Out either in November or December, so once I have that date it will go up asap. For now though be sure to check the next installment :

Comedy Blow Out @ the Standard Tavern. September 17th

This month’s line-up:

Lee White (of Crumbs)
J. Williamez
Chantel Marostica
Heather Witherden
Paul Rabliauskas
Scotty Porteous (special guest!)

Hosted by Dave Shorr

August’s show filled right up, so if you want in, make sure you arrive by 8:30. Show starts @ 9 SHARP.

Follow http://www.comedyblowout.com for updates

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