Back in the Saddle Again

I’m very excited to be performing in the 2015 Winnipeg Comedy Festival this year, on April 8th – at the Kingshead for the Upper Deck Show (Tickets here!) and I’ve been inspired to really get back in the game, write more, perform at open mics – and just really put the effort and work into my comedy again. I am falling in love ALL over again like a big creep!

But really it’s been interesting. The scene has certainly changed and evolved, as things do and I’m just trying to find my footing, gain some perspective and see where I can take it.

First things first was dusting off this website and actually putting it to good use, a little update here, a glass of wine there and it’s already looking less like a neglected garden or child – whatever gets my point across.

It feels good to be back!header-bk-2015

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