Someone stole something from Dane Cook – Oh no!

Yes it seems Dane Cook has been Dane Cooked.


Dane was a guest on Larry King Live Thursday night and the comedian spoke candidly about the legal situation involving his half brother and former manager Darryl McCauley who was arrested in December after being accused of embezzling millions of dollars from Cook while he served as his manager.


Oh irony, how I used to loathe trying to define you in high school, I’ve now developed a mad Leonardo crush on you.


Sure I can admit to laughing at some of Dane’s jokes when I was first exposed to his performances in Comedy Writing Class. Little did I know I was probably laughing not at a Dane joke but at a joke written by an incredibly talented comedian (Louis CK amongst others). Dane is very well known for his gypsy comedy thievery behaviour and if you weren’t aware he stole jokes you need to stop living like J.D. Salinger and check out the endless examples online (Youtube etc.).


So I am waiting and hoping that after Dane’s ‘tragic’ tale of lost trust is exposed, several well-known comedians will come out in support by reminding Dane that he really needn’t be upset at all, since technically it was their material Cook told on stage and made his career, it’s their money that was stolen.

2 thoughts on “Someone stole something from Dane Cook – Oh no!

  1. i too really liked dane cook’s humour when he first came out on the scene, but once i learned that he probably is a joke theif, he’s gone into my bad books.

    and also, way to start your own website. *thumbs up*

  2. when i searched youtube I only found how the videos say they stole from Cook! post link, I want to see him get cooked

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