Mustache Ride – I don’t think so Bus Driver!

So in a few days I will be turning 25 – holy shit that sounds ‘adult’, suddenly I see myself wearing a smoking jacket, smoking a pipe, drinking scotch and having affairs with married men! But alas yet again all I would like this year for my birthday IS in fact a mustache ride, or perhaps the illusion of the mustache ride. My boyfriend tries every year to grow one, it’s very endearing but it just can’t happen.  And although I’ve had several heartfelt offers from some local drunk hecklers from comedy night, as well as my morning bus driver. I think this year I am happy with just chilling with friends, drinking large amounts of beer, not wearing pants and perhaps having an artificial mustache ride in which my man sports a pair of those funny glasses with the big nose and glued on stache’.

Comedy Loser is coming up on May 12, Tuesday @ 9 PM @ Kingshead Pub and the theme is the Economy or rather the ‘fun’ state of the Economy. I will be performing and am not giving anything away…..except that Lindsay Lohan may make an appearance. I will also be performing at the Kingshead for Standup Comedy night on May 26 – 9 pm as well…did I mention these shows are free and full of awesomeness? Better come check it out.

Stay tuned for more changes and excellent updates at BOO YA!

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