Lytwyn Wyns Winnipeg’s Wackiest Comedian

7432_184248667164_128792497164_4337182_4490895_nIt’s been an exciting couple of days in the aftermath of winning Winnipeg’s Wackiest Comedian Contest including my small hometown of Flin Flon making an announcement on our radio station CFAR 590, to the front page of the Winnipeg Free Press, and an interview on APTN National News tomorrow (October 14) at 7pm in Winnipeg. The support and love from friends and family has been very moving. And although I would give anything for my Dad to be here and share this excitement with him, and hear about his ‘bragging’  around Flin Flon as he picks up groceries, I know he is watching down on me and feels proud of his daughter.

Saturday night was the finals for Winnipeg’s Wackiest Comedian, a brand new contest created by the Winnipeg Free Press, Hot 103, and the Canad Inns. It was an exciting night with a lot of incredible talent, for a cause that is close to my heart. I felt very honoured to be a part of an event, which was an amazing opportunity to perform in front of a very energetic crowd and the chance to be critiqued ‘American Idol’ style by Brad Oswald, Ace Burpee, and Big Daddy Tazz. Just to have their feedback alone – made the experiance worth while.

Ace said at one point he actually looked over at Big Daddy Tazz and they both shared the moment of “Did she really just say she may have fucked a Subway sandwich.” haha it was a moment I won’t forget. He then went on to say how sometimes it can be a pussy move when comedians come on stage and discuss how great their kids are – an easy applause, and what a huge risk it is when I come on stage and talk about how  much I hate children and want to kick them etc. But it paid off – it’s funny and I sell it well.  Tazz mentioned that he has watched a lot of amateur female comedy and they often talk about the same female topics, and it was refreshing and original to hear my act which doesn’t touch on any of those topics. I even heard my little brother yell out, “Yes exactly!” Tazz said I’m going places – and after 3 years, that felt good to hear.

Everyone that knows me – knows my feelings about female standups that stereotype themselves into writing only about their need for a man, their periods, having a lot of cats – and my disdain for this redundant train of thought. I’m sick of females being the minority in comedy and enforcing the stereotype that we just can’t be as funny as men – I want women to realize they can write about ANYTHING, *this includes anything men can write about.

I was excited just to be in the finals for the contest, when I was announced as the winner- I was speechless. I actually covered my mouth on stage. It was a surreal moment and I thought back to the time I considered quitting because I couldn’t overcome my nervousness, I thought about all the late night writing marathons, and open mic nights that I put my heart into – and I have to admit, the win felt amazing. And again being the first woman to win Winnipeg’s Funniest Person with a Day Job as the 1 girl in the 9 finalists, and now the 1 of 2 girls in the 10 finalists – I’ve really learned that it comes down to being funny – no matter what sex you are, where you come from, – it’s not about the odds, it’s about the funny.

I also have learned that you have to be true to yourself and to your writing. I thought about changing my set, thought about what the judges would want and that maybe I should remove some of my more risky material such as about waking up in bed with a sandwich, wanting a mustache ride for my birthday, or wanting my kids to know that I will ‘love them forever unless they fuck with my car.’ In the end, with the support of my amazing boyfriend Ryan, and my friends and family – I just believed in myself and in my writing and I did it the way I wanted to – I performed the material I think is funny and I didn’t worry about anything else. Winning being true to yourself is really winning. (that was on an Episode of Degrassi Junior High).I thank everyone for their continued support in my endeavour to make people laugh.



3 thoughts on “Lytwyn Wyns Winnipeg’s Wackiest Comedian

  1. Cheers Lyts…well said! 🙂
    And my dear friend is looking down on you smiling and tellin’ all his friends in the supermarket up above about your excellent accomplishments!
    Love ya lots…and congrats again! xxxx

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