I have a Hater – and I made a video just for him!

So everyone was very supportive with my recent win at Winnipeg’s Wackiest Comedian Contest. Of course there is always one hater in the bunch. He wasn’t a finalist, he was just ‘a guy’ who sat around complaining about wanting time and asking if anyone felt sick, so he could get on stage. After I had won he proceeded to walk around bitching to other comedians that I had stolen my entire routine from Sarah Silverman. It’s too bad he didn’t actually listen to my set, which as many people know deals with my experiences growing up in Flin Flon. But maybe Sarah Silverman grew up there too. There was A Jewish family in Flin Flon, I don’t know – could have been the Silvermans. I think that the only similarities between our material is that we sometimes say ‘Fuck’ and we both have vaginas. But all female comedians are the same right?

He even went as far as to post his comments on this Free Press article, followed by my response. “There was clearly a crowd favorite and it wasn’t Cara Lytwyn.” Spelled favourite without the ‘u’, fucking moron.


Anyways no hard feelings, everyone is entitled to their bullshit uninformed opinions. And so I made this video just for him. “Jonas” I emailed it to him, I hope he likes it. Here it is:

Finally I have a lot of performances this week if you’d like to check out:

Monday, October 26, 8 pm, Kingshead – Headlining Red River College’s Comedy Night (always a fun time but get there early)

Tuesday, October 27, 9 pm, Kingshead – Shitz and Gigglez Standup (I will be trying out some new material ooooh ya!)

Wednesday, October 28 – nap

Thursday, October 29, 7:30 pm, mybar Canad Inns – Safeway Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Thursday, October 29, 9 pm, Saffron’s (on Corydon) – New Comedy Night (also performing Keener, Ryan McMahon, John B. Duff)

Hope to see you out – Support Winnipeg Comedy!

Laugh Loud.


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